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Company Profile

Being an technical innovative enterprise and established in 1999, BIGTIDE dedicates itself to development and manufacture of professional display and informational systems. Oriented by the demand of customers, recent years have witnessed the devotion of BIGTIDE to core techniques, its specialization and internationalization. Leading expertise serves as the impetus of BIGTIDE, from which exhaustively composed information display systems are furnished to financial facilities, railway- transit and specified applications, through production upgrading and strategic cooperation.
      Constitution and cultivation of R&D team reveals no less importance attached by BIGTIDE. An international centre of R&D in Shenzhen was erected in 2005, serving as a designer and developer of display systems under multiple circumenstances. Approximately 10% of annual turnover functions as supplier for R&D centre maintainance and enterpreneurship fostering, which demonstrates the aim of BIGTIDE among world-leading R&D teams.
     BIGTIDE initiated its manufaturing base in Shenzhen, catering for prospective market demand, with 6 flexible production lines, 2 dust-free assembly workshops (one 10,000 class and one 1,000 class), along with relevant supplementary devices. An annual yield reaching 100,000 is feasible in BIGTIDE due to its proper exploitation of technical and labour resources from South & North China respectively. Currently, certifications of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and GB/T 28001-2001 management system are in our possession. BIGTIDE elaborates on offering competitive schemas in production processing. Sticked to customer-prior principle and collabourating operations, and serving as a Chinese enterprise, BIGTIDE spreads its wings and anticipates broader scope in the world!